ELISA Troubleshooting Matrix Effect

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ELISA Troubleshooting: Matrix effect

Matrix Effect occurs when the target antigen interacts with matrix components in plasma or serum samples. These matrix components can be endogenous biological components such as phospholipids, carbohydrates, and metabolites. Matrix components can reduce the binding of the antibody to the target protein, or non-specifically bind the antibody, generating weak or noisy results.
Here are some tips to reduce matrix effect:

  • Centrifuge the sample. Centrifugation can separate matrix components from soluble antigens, reducing the concentration of matrix components and their effect on results.
  • Increase dilution. Increasing the dilution factor 2-5 fold will reduce matrix component binding and mitigate the matrix effect. Note: when diluting the samples remember to use the same diluents as used for the standard curve.

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